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Just a block away from the Caribbean Ocean, Seaside Villa is a two-story, 7 bedroom, 7 bath villa located in beautiful Treasure Beach, Jamaica.


With two floors, a kitchen on each floor, private bathrooms and a pool, the Villa is perfect for a variety of different vacations, from your next private getaway to family reunions. Seaside Villa is flexible to accommodate your needs, whether you’re just looking to book a single room, an entire floor or the entire house. We’ve got you covered!




Seaside Villa has four bedrooms downstairs, three upstairs. Bedrooms either have a queen or king bed, or two beds in the same room. Each bedroom has a three-quarter bath.The downstairs and upstairs units have separate entrances, so if you rent an entire floor, you’ll truly have that floor to yourself.

If you’re traveling by yourself or with a partner, we recommend booking one room. For larger groups, this is what we recommend:

Group size Booking suggestion
6-7 people The upstairs (3 bedrooms)
Up to 10 people The downstairs (4 bedrooms)
11-20 people The entire Villa (7 bedrooms)

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Seaside Villa has all your basic amenities, including private baths for each bedroom, a kitchen on each floor, washer/dryer, and air conditioning. The Villa also features modern amenities like wireless internet, satellite TV and a swimming pool.

If you want a cook to prepare meals for your group during your stay, let us know and we can get that arranged at a very reasonable price. Our cooks are great and several guests have remarked at how excellent the food was during their stay.



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