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Seaside Villa is in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Where is that?

Treasure Beach is not your typical tourist destination. It’s not smothered with tourists, traps and overpriced hotels and gifts. Rather, Treasure Beach is a genuine, laid back cozy destination located in southwest Jamaica. The community has a truly Jamaican feel to it.

That being said, it’s not in the middle of nowhere. It’s just 90km south of Montego Bay, the second largest city in Jamaica and where you’ll probably be flying into. Getting to Treasure Beach is just a simple taxi ride away from all the hustle and bustle of the rest of the island.

See our Location page for more information.

What are your rates?

Our full rates are listed on our Villa page.

Single bedrooms start at $85 night and work their way down for booking entire floors or the house and for extended stays.

How do I get to the Villa?

We recommend flying into Montego Bay and arranging a taxi to take you to the Villa, which is in Treasure Beach, 90km south.

We’re happy to help guests arrange getting to Treasure Beach and back to the airport. Just give us a call or drop us an email, see our contact details on the bottom right.

What should I do for food?

We recommend stopping at a supermarket on your way to the Villa from the airport. If you need to stock up on more food once you’re at the Villa, an assistant at the Villa can help shuttle you to the store.

If you want to eat fresh and locally sourced vegetables, fruits and meats and other foods while you’re there, let the Villa workers know and they’d be happy to arrange fresh food delivery during your stay.

If you want a cook to prepare meals for your group during your stay, let us know and we can get that arranged at a very reasonable price. Our cooks are great and several guests have remarked at how excellent the food was during their stay.

Lastly, there are some good restaurants in Treasure Beach, though they are slightly more sparse than what you’d find at a typical tourist destination.

What is there to do?

While Treasure Beach is isolated from the main tourist areas, there is still plenty to do around the area. You can spend your vacation enjoying the beaches, food and Villa while you’re in Treasure Beach, and you can also spend your time checking out some of the things around the area. Things to do close to Treasure Beach include:

  • Pelican Bar. A bar in the middle of the ocean. It’s a beautiful boat ride away.
  • Black River crocodile tour. Take a boat ride up Black River where a guide will show you crocodiles and Jamaican flora.
  • YS Falls. Head to YS Falls, one of Jamaica’s most beautiful natural attractions. Spend the day swimming among waterfalls and deep pools.
  • Appleton Rum Factory. Tour one of the world’s best and most famous rum factories, Appleton Rum Factory. Grab a rum punch, see how rum is made and then try some of the factory’s finest rums.
  • Negril. This beach town is just a short taxi ride away. Negril is home to a seven mile beach, loaded with hotels, shops and resturants, including a few you may have heard of: Margaritaville and Rick’s Cafe.
  • Mandeville. Get away from the coast and head up into the mountains. Enjoy some golfing and shopping in this mountain town.

See our Things to do page for more information.

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