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While Jamaica may be known for its beautiful beaches and warm Caribbean waters, inland Jamaica is just as breathtaking and worth a day visit or two.

Mandeville is a town of 50,000 people, about two hours inland from Treasure Beach and sitting at 2,000 feet (620 meters) above sea-level. On your drive here, you’ll experience incredible mountain views and soak in the misty mountain air. In Mandeville, you can walk around to get a feel of inland Jamaica and take in some 1800s architecture. Mandeville has been described as Jamaica’s most-English looking town.

Around Mandeville there are a few things to do. There is the Manchester Golf Club, an 18-hole course with knowledgable and entertaining caddies. The course was established in 1865, making it the oldest course in the Caribbean.

Also nearby is Jamaica Standard Products Company, a coffee company that produces three different brands, including the world famous Blue Mountain coffee. You can arrange an 80 minute tour by appointment, and they will show you the entire coffee-making process.

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